NATIONAL League Coventry have handed a team place to former Stoke rider Luke Priest, who will make his debut in this Friday’s double header against Buxton and King’s Lynn.
Priest, who spent time in Australia when he found himself without a team place at the start of the season, replaces the injured Luke Crang, who is facing up to eight weeks out.
Priest said: “I’ve been back in the country for just over a month and this is a really good move for me. I’ve got to make the most of being at reserve, some people might see it as a backward step but it’s a good opportunity to score some big points for the club.
“My equipment is top-notch and I feel good in myself, so although inevitably I’m not going to go out and win every race I’m confident and I like riding at Coventry. I understand the play-offs are a possibility, we’re still in the KO Cup, and it’s great to be part of a winning team!”