PREMIER League Scunthorpe are fighting for survival after promoter Rob Godfrey issued a warning about falling attendance levels this week.

The Scorpions have endured a tough season on-track after a string of injuries and are currently bottom of the table.

But boss Godfrey is more worried about poor crowds at the Eddie Wright Raceway, something which is threatening the future of the Lincolnshire club.

Godfrey said: “Last year, I informed our fans that we needed around 100 more people through the gate a week. This year, the situation has worsened, maybe because we haven't been successful on track.

“The Bank Holiday crowds have been okay, but our Friday night attendances have been very poor. We no longer need another 100 fans a week, we now need another 200.

“Whether we're finished as a club, I don't know. I don't want this to be our last season, but I have to say we're fighting for survival now. No decision has been made yet, but I need to know that people still want speedway in Scunthorpe and that we're going to get the level of support we need to make it viable to continue.”