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SPEEDWAY STAR is now available by subscription online through your web browser, on an iPhone or iPad or any Android device... and for the same price no matter where you are in the world.

The latest online editions will be available each Thursday morning (UK time) other than over the Christmas holiday period when the dates will vary.
See during that time for more details.
If you wish to renew your subscription for the online edition rather than have the printed one mailed to you, go to:

Please note the App version for the iPhone and iPad will not be available from the iTunes store until Thursday, December 5th.

Prices for the online editions represent huge savings for those subscribers living outside of the United Kingdom.
You will pay the same price (£28 for 13 weeks, £112 for 52 weeks) whether you reside in Australia, Europe, New Zealand or North America.

And, of course, it will be available to read much sooner than at present.