Week Ending February 11, 2017 (UK only)

“SOME people have been talking about these rev limiters and, personally, I’ve never used one. But I just think, yeah, you could put one on, it’s a bit of a safety net but is it just because these people have not learned to turn the throttle the other way?” In this week’s Speedway Star, we talk to second tier stalwart Carl Wilkinson about mechanical evolution, rider safety and his enduring 20-year career. Plus, co-owner Gerry Facenna on the Glasgow revolution, World Champion Greg Hancock is our Star Guest and James Sarjeant goes ‘Behind the Helmet’ while for those of a nostalgic disposition, we look back at the ‘Immortal Meeting’ between Mildenhall and Rye House in 1979 and we’ve also been tracking down the 1987 Glasgow/Workington Tigers team.



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